April Showers Bring Blueberry Blossom

Spring has finally sprung at Wilmot Orchards. And so has our new blog! The blog is new this year to give you a more in depth look at what goes on at Wilmot Orchards, but back to spring.

Spring brings sunshine, some rain, new leaves, and around here…blossom. We are in peak blueberry blossom right now. Which means that all the blueberry bushes are covered in small, white flowers that look a lot like Lily of the Valley. Each flower will become one blueberry, so the more blossom the better.

blueberry blossom pollination Wilmot Orchards photo

Honey bee pollenating a blueberry blossom.

Pictured above is a honey bee pollenating a Nelson blossom. Nelsons are one of the eight varieties of  blueberries that we have. They are one of the first varieties that ripen. They also smell amazing! If they could invent smell-o-vision and smell-o-computers you would understand. This is my favourite time of year because the farm smells so good!

bee hives Wilmot Orchards photo

One of the cluster of bee hives on the farm.

Every year we bring honey bees onto the farm during blossom to pollenate the blueberries. We bring in about 80 hives and place them throughout the farm to ensure that everything gets covered. Each hive has between 30,000 and 50,000 bees. So to say we have a lot of workers on the farm in an understatement! They’re normally very busy, but we still like to avoid them when we walk the dogs so no bees get stuck in our hair. Let me tell you from personal experience, it’s not fun when a bee gets stuck in your hair!

So now you know what blueberries look like, 2 months before they actually become blueberries! The season is coming, there is a lot of work going on before we open in August, so check back to see what else we’re up to!


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